Witness a 50% improvement in your emotional health

The 8-week Emotional Health Program

emotional health program

Overcome Emotional Health Struggles

The program is designed to ensure that you overcome your emotional health struggles in life. If you feel the need to improve your emotional state, have been feeling low or under productive, taking up the program will certainly help you.

It is an 8-week module consisting of 8 telephonic sessions which you can take from the comfort of your home. Our program guarantees a 50% improvement. You can opt to make the payment after witnessing this improvement yourself.

How does the program work?

  • Through Targeting The Root Cause - Personality Trait

    We often hear people say things like "I'm too short tempered", "I feel worried/anxious all the time" or "He cannot speak up.". These are nothing but behavioral manifestations of an underlying issue. At times, the underlying cause might surface in repeated problem situations- like frequent fights with a spouse, being taken advantage of at work, not being able to make friends and many more.

    In traditional therapy, the behaviors and situations are identified and treated, which might result in a temporary change (sometimes not even that!). When the persisting underlying cause which remains unidentified, problems and emotional struggles continue to occur and follow you around.

    Our method of detecting the underlying unbalanced trait identifies the hidden trait that is causing the visible behavior.

    It is like the tree, whose root is not visible- we can only see the leaves and branches. However, if the root becomes infected the leaves start to droop. No matter how much you treat the leaves it will bear no results.

  • Rewiring Through Neuroscience

    Rewiring the thinking patterns related to the specific personality trait can balance the personality trait. With your mentor, you will explore ways to rewire your thinking. The mind actions and brain actions contain activities and games that will further strengthen the newly formed associations and thinking patterns. Towards the end of the program, you will start inculcating the newly acquired behaviors and thought patterns into your real-life situations. Eventually, the balanced-out trait will help you lead an emotionally fulfilling life

    Consistent Support

    Our mentors are rigorously trained and certified in taking the client through every step of the program. Talking about your issues alone will not solve them. The approach adapted in our 8-week program emphasizes on discovering the underlying trait and balancing it.

    Becoming aware of one’s own unbalanced personality trait and learning about it is very important. It is only the awareness of your own issues that can help resolve and save you from the consequences it creates in your life.

Backed By Neuroscience

The program has been structured based on principles of neuroscience. Exposure to certain life experiences and habitual thinking patterns condition you to have unbalanced personality traits. The silver lining is that your brain has an incredible ability to adapt and change. This ability is called neuroplasticity, making way for balancing traits that have been a part of you since as early as childhood. No matter how long you have been struggling because of the unbalanced trait, the program will help you change it.

The Process Of Change: Program Overview


Your mentor gets to know you and understand your issues.

Trait Discovery

After you open up to your mentor about your life experiences and issues, your trait is identified through assessment and questionnaire.

Reflecting & Learning

Begin to reflect on your trait & it's behavioral manifestations.

Knowing Your Wiring

Learn to recognise your triggers and thought patterns.

Brain Actions

Play games based on neuroscience to rewire your brain and balance your trait.

Mind Actions

Your mentor will ask you to do activities that condition your mind to think from new perspectives.

Real World Actions

Apply your newly formed perspectives and techniques to real life scenarios and discuss with your mentor.

Concluding Sessions

Your mentor will ask you to do activities that condition your mind to think from new perspectives.

Why Choose Our Emotional Health Program?

  • Targets the root cause of emotional issues
  • Personality Trait Approach
  • Based on neuroscience principles
  • Trained & certified mentors
  • Structured 8-week program
  • Outcome based payment
  • Measurable outcome
  • Supported by technology
  • 100% confidentiality

Price And Payment

The entire program (8-week sessions + mobile app) is priced at $ 799.

We follow an outcome based payment, which means that you have the discretion to pay after witnessing your 50% improvement.

We Can Help You With

Here are some issues you might be going through that we can help you with.

  • Addiction

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Codependency

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Life Satisfaction

  • OCD

  • PTSD

  • Relationships

  • Self Esteem

  • Stress


Are there any hidden conditions to the payment policy?

None! You can pay pay once you have attained a 50% improvement and feel satisfied with the outcome. We do not ask for your credit card information or make you sign any agreements/contracts with us.

Are the mentors qualified enough?

Yes, all our mentors are trained and certified in the Dharma Life 8-week emotional health program and have either a psychology or neuroscience education.

Does the program include any medication?

No. We do not include any treatment modalities like: medication, yoga or meditation.

Can I request for face-to-face sessions with the mentor?

The sessions at Dharma Life happen telephonically, however if you insist, we might be able to arrange for an introductory video session with the mentor.

How can I reach out to you?

Reach out to us at

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