Customer Success Stories

Dharma Life Sciences offers professional, personal and student development programs to achieve desired outcomes and create lasting change.

Success with Dharma's Program

Professional Development Program

Dharma Life Program changed my fundamental outlook towards things: be it in personal life or professional front. While working on my ability to be more open to experiences, I have become more responsive than reactive which has helped become a better manager at work and home!

- C. T., Dharma Life User

I have become more conscious about myself and my behavior. I can now apply solutions to things decisively as I worked on the same competency during the program. I have become more welcoming towards my own self and others.

- N. N., Dharma Life User

There's marked improvement in the way I look at the situations. I had problems with conflict management. After completing the program, I remain calm and look at situations rationally and can come out with better solutions. I am able to manage the situations in a much better way than I used to earlier.

- S. S., Dharma Life User

After working hard to climb the ladder, it was as though I couldn't climb any higher. I thought I was not suited for further promotion. During the program, I discovered that my competency was influence. My mentor helped me work through my team management skills and now I’m back at climbing the ladder.

- E. K., Dharma Life User
Personal Development Program

I used to overthink on trivial things and react emotionally. After I started Dharma Life Program, I learn't to step aside and respond in any situation. So, there is awareness and realization about my emotional reactions and the app helps me to 'unwire' myself by playing games on it.

- K. N., Dharma Life User

Dharma Life has given me methods that let me premeditate on situations that I know would make me upset. I'm able to leave behind criticisms and I have stopped attaching importance to what people think and focus on my own life instead. I feel more independent, less judged and most importantly, I live in the present moment.

- M. H., Dharma Life User

I feel that there has been an improvement in the way I handle situations after finishing the program. I am able to come back to a balanced state faster than before. Also the number and frequency of instances of me 'stressing out' has gone down drastically.

- G. C., Dharma Life User

My experience has been very positive and insightful. The process of rewiring was easy and natural to me. Also, I would attribute a heightened sense of awareness and mindfulness to this program.

- R. V., Dharma Life User

The mentoring not only soothed my nerves and made me confident, but also gave me techniques such as muscle relaxation to use when I feared something. My dream of a start-up is slowly coming to life again after being suppressed for such a long time.

- W. H., Dharma Life User
Student Development Program

I found myself distracted from my focus and this would get translated into my poor grades at college. After working on myself with this program, am able to stay focused and persevere my goals. As an individual I feel I have grown over the last eight weeks and I feel I am more self-aware.

- J. P., Dharma Life User

I would be terrified of voicing my opinion even in a classroom setting and this would mean professors thinking of me an uninterested student. But with this program, I feel like my communication skills have improved. More than anyone, I am happy with myself.

- M. N., Dharma Life User