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Dharma Life Sciences offers its personality development program in multiple domains including wellness, leadership, entrepreneur and student domains.

Client Testimonials

“It's wild to think that my life will never return to what it was in February. 2020 changed all of us. There is obviously a lot going on in the world, but I wanted to share something that has helped me get through the last couple months.

Throughout the past 8 weeks, I've been participating in the Balance Personality Program by @dharmalifeusa -- and it's been an instrumental tool in how I have processed life in the age of a pandemic. I believe this program came to me at the right time. And I believe everything happens for a reason.

What did this program teach me? I learned that I have heightened sensitivity that makes my emotional threshold sometimes too much to handle. Over the course of 8 weeks, I learned different ways to handle. I learned how to de-amplify the voices in my head that sometimes tell me: this is too much, this person wants to hurt you, this situation could go really wrong. I learned how to focus on what was relative instead of let my brain carry off into a parallel universe of imagined what-ifs. I learned how to tackle stressful situations and build a somewhat more resilient mindset about anything I was facing, one small step at a time. Me and my counselor were working on identifying triggers and rewiring my brain. I played the games on the app every week, journaled, expressed myself, and I started to become more aware of what was going on inside me.

At 1 year and 9 months alcohol free, I still struggle with a lot. Addiction has shaped my life for the worst and then transformed it for the best. For me, the balance of seeking progress and not perfection, is constant work. The work is never over. There are programs and books and mentors and counselors and resources ...and we must continue seeking. Putting in the effort. I never want to be the person who resigns to the idea that "this is just life." Or "that's just the way it is." I know better. I know that life can intervene and change and make your jaw drop and shock you with it's beauty. I know that the learning is never over.”

Liz Rose

“A few weeks ago I shared with you about a program I was participating in with Dharma life sciences to essentially rewire my brain, and I wanted to elaborate. Over the course of eight weeks I worked with a mentor to identify and focus on a specific character defect that was affecting my everyday life in some way. This happened to be perfectionism.

I want to mention that prior to starting this I never had identified with being a perfectionist, ever. Initially I was surprised when it was made clear that this trait was quite glaring and truly affecting everything in my life from my relationships with my children and partner to small decisions I was making every day. After the first few weeks of working with my mentor, playing my assigned games and journaling daily, I wasn’t sure I would see a change in my habits or thinking. It seemed to be so ingrained in me and my thought processes. After 8 weeks of continuously completing my assigned tasks and talking through them weekly with my mentor, opening my mind to new ways of thinking and behaving, and then challenging myself in specific social situations that were once triggering to me, I am truly overjoyed to share with you that I have made incredible, noticeable progress.

Being able to identify, accept and then actively put in the work to change my thinking has truly changed my life and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do so. I cannot say this or share this enough with you. When we do the work to become the absolute best version of ourselves, internally, everything we’ve ever wanted externally begins to fall into place. Oftentimes it is simply that we are stuck in our old familiar ways and auto responses that we prevent ourselves from growing. Do whatever it takes to grow, friends. Open your minds and your hearts to change. Anything is possible. Anything. ”

-Bre Liimatainen

Before starting my sessions with @dharmalifeusa I wasn’t sure what to expect. We found out that the area I needed help with the most was “stress resilience.” I had a lot of stress due to the fact that I overworked myself with juggling several jobs and simultaneously creating a ton of content for not only myself but other social accounts as well. Not only stress from overworking myself but also from being unsure about my career path and constantly jumping from one path to the next..I realized that (for some weird reason) I had always thought “once I choose a career, I will have to stick to that and do that until I get old and die” which is so not true and honestly laughable now that I think back on it.

Sure, this is a common decision that people make specifically within the 9-5 world, which is fine, but since that is not what I want out of life, it does not apply to me. An example that comes to mind is an athlete: Sometimes athletes retire once they get everything they could out of their career and then transition to something new, like owning a business, etc. This helped me really understand how to view a career path..Overall my stress regarding my career is almost non-existent now because they helped me realize how I don’t have to be stuck on one path for my entire life. I can stick to one path until I can no longer get anything out of it and then switch to a new path that is more fulfilling at that point in my life. .I highly recommend checking out @dharmalifeusa

-Matt Hall

“Over the course of 8 weeks I have been working with @dharmalifeusa to test their app that essentially rewires the brain! The app uses games to target specific character traits that affect everyday activities and overall mental health. These traits include anxiety, sensitivity, self confidence, and so many more! The trait they had me work on was sensitivity. Sensitivity affects me in everyday life with small things such as loud noises, big crowds, having to socialize in new settings ect. Considering I’ ve been dealing with sensitivity issues my entire life I was definitely skeptical at first.

I didn ’t think that spending 15 minutes playing games five days a week could POSSIBLY have an effect on something I’ ve dealt with for so long. To my surprise I noticed that the things I would usually react in a negative way began to change. Thanks to Dharma I was provided with new coping strategies to deal with my sensitivity. Although Dharma is not a replacement for therapy it is an amazing app that can be used alongside therapy or to try on its own!”

-Nina C

" @ DharmaLifeUS uses games and repetition to re-wire your brain for improved emotional health. Under the guidance of a mentor, I learned that my problem areas are submissiveness, sensitivity, perfectionism and nervousness - with sensitivity being my strongest trait. As a #highlysensitiveperson, I have a tendency to take things personally and can tend overreact when triggered. 😳 Combined with my other traits this can be a real problem.

I knew I was sensitive but didn 't realize it was something I could unlearn. Over the past 8 weeks, I' ve learned to recognize when my sensitivity is triggered and weigh out the information in real time. This allows me to see the situation from a more balanced vantage point so I can react appropriately. I have noticed a an improvement in my emotional health and my ability to stay calm in previously difficult situations. Are you an #HSP? What other personality traits do you think hold you back? "

- Kelsey

Sean Cuddihy, Host of Room 9 Podcast, Mental Health Advocate

Clinician Testimonials

"I’m so excited to share about a resource that has really helped me, both as a therapist and as a human being. I’m normally hesitant to take on partnerships, but when @dharmalifeusa reached out to me, I took note. As someone who greatly values the Enneagram, personality testing (like the MMPI and MCMI), and the Strengths Finder test, I loved how Dharma Life Sciences focuses on trait development and growth. Working with @dharmalifeusa exceeded my expectations.

I received eight sessions with my personal coach (Zoe was amazing!) and I completed an assessment to figure out what trait I could improve on. Any guesses what that trait was? COMPLIANCE. This wasn’t surprising as I can be agreeable to a fault (I see you fellow Enneagram 3’s). Each week, I would participate in brain games and real-world actions to challenge my tendency to be overly compliant. And honestly, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I saw real change within myself. I saw myself stand up for my beliefs and I gained an ability to hold frustration from others when I stuck to my boundaries. I learned how being respected for holding my values is more important than being liked for inauthenticity.

So—if you’re a potential coaching client reading this, I’d love to talk more about how we can help you identify the trait that you’d like to work on. If you’re a therapist, reach out and you can get trained as well. This was such a helpful tool that we can all benefit from.

Lauren Cook, PsyD"