Our personality development program depends on Dharma's patent pending technology, which is implemented through mobile apps. Dharma’s apps are based on discovering maladaptive personality traits and developing those traits by strengthening the associated neural connections.

Dharma discovers the maladaptive personality traits by determining the effects of decreased emotional health, analyzing how you react to situations and asking questions to determine the strength of your personality traits. We help you develop personality traits by taking advantage of the neural plasticity of the brain by strengthening your neural connections. The repetitive actions that are needed to strengthen the neural connections are further described below:

Actions( Science- Neural connections)

There are two apps used in the personality development program, namely the Discover Personality App and the Enhance Personality App. In addition there is a Success Personality App for those who are looking to develop skills to become successful in life. The apps are available in both the Apple App store and the Google Play stores.