Dharma's Scientific Research


Dharma's Personal and Professional Development Programs are based on the insights offered by our neuroscience research to help you achieve your goals. Dharma’s development programs are based on connecting goals to competencies/qualities, competencies/qualities to personality traits and personality traits to neural connections. To achieve goals, one must have the qualities important for that goal. To improve qualities, one must develop the personality traits necessary for that quality. For the personality trait to be developed, the neural connections for that personality trait need to be strengthened. When the strengths of these neural connections are not strong enough, the personality trait becomes underdeveloped. The underdevelopment of a personality trait can create weak qualities that prevent you from achieving your personal and professional goals.

Science Overview( traits)

Dharma scientific breakthroughs have been in efficiently strengthening neural connections by integrating and extending diverse scientific concepts like brain plasticity (neuroscience), personality traits (trait theory), the role of repetition (learning theory) and digital games (entertainment). Dharma has patents pending on its core research findings in strengthening neural connections and developing personality traits.