Entrepreneur Programs

Our entrepreneur program program is for individuals who dream of becoming an entrepreneur but have not yet started their venture. The entrepreneur program is meant to increase important qualities required for an entrepreneur. Once you have gained these qualities you will be able to successfully start your venture.

Our programs involve measuring the required qualities before the start of the program, identifying the critical quality that needs to be improved, executing the program, and finally, measuring the qualities to show measuring the qualities to show the level of improvement at the end of the program. We can guarantee a minimum of 25% increase in the quality that is important to you.

Dharma programs are scheduled over an 8-week period and require the following:

Welness Programs

One-hour phone mentoring session per week during the work day.

Welness Programs

Usage of a Dharma App between 15 to 30 minutes a day whenever you are free.

Any personal information shared by you with your mentor is treated as confidential information and not shared with anyone else.

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