Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Dharma forms partnerships with various Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers to offer the personality development program to employees and families of organizations they work with. Dharma trains clinicians working for the EAP provider and also connects the EAP provider with private practice clinicians and mental health clinics when they need more counselors. Dharma trains a subset of the clinicians in each EAP provider and the trained clinicians then train the rest of the clinicians in the EAP provider. Employees and their families who are interested in going through the personality development program can contact their EAP providers.

The important benefits that Dharma Life Sciences provides your practice include:

Dharma Life Sciences’ goal is to integrate neuro-science based software tools in your practice with the least amount of disruption and effort. Dharma achieves this integration by:

Training through experience

By trying the program and applying the neuroscience concept and software tools on yourself you realize the advantages and efficacy of using it in your practice. You will have the passion to use the personality development program on your clients and can vouch that it will work on them if they apply effort on the app..

Decrease Potential Burnout

You can personally experience the personal emotional health benefits of these tools by participating in the program, which will allow you to manage your practice with less stress and more enjoyment. In addition, it limits potential burnout in the future as it reduces the personal problems you hear from clients as they have something active to do and hear their positive feedback on changes in their behaviors.

Minimum disruption to your practice

This training process does not cause any disruption to your practice as the training is done on the telephone and the use of a mobile software app. You have the flexibility of scheduling the training when you are free.

Your investment in going through the program and getting trained is less than 30 hours overall over a time span of 12 weeks. The software tools have been developed to be user friendly to both clinicians and their clients.

Applying it to your practice

You can continue to practice with your existing methodologies without any changes until the client achieves a desired level of stability after a painful disruption the client has experienced. Once this is achieved, you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether the neuroscience tools will help the client further. If the answer is affirmative, you can begin applying the neuroscience tools to help the client reach a higher level of emotional health. This process gives you control of when and where you use the software tools for the betterment of your client. 

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