Dharma Life App

The Dharma Life App is used as the second step in all of the Dharma’s development and maintenance programs. It is used to improve a quality by strengthening the neural connections associated with your personality trait. Examples of traits include empathy, happiness, sensitivity, perfectionism, and nervousness. You can think of these traits as the summation of your behaviors.

A personality trait is referred to as unbalanced when it hinders one or more qualities. An unbalanced trait is caused by an imbalance in the strengths of neural pathways involved in the use of that trait. To put it simply, if we use the phrase “unbalanced empathy,” that implies low or high empathy. Dharma's technology helps balance your trait by strengthening the neural connections associated with your trait.

All the user’s inputs and actions in the app are private to the individual unless they want to share some of the information with their mentor by sending a report. Any information that the mentor receives in the report is treated as confidential information and is not shared with anyone else.

The Dharma Life App is available for download on both the Apple App store and Google Play stores.

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