Success Personality App

The Dharma Success App is used as the third step in all Dharma’s development and maintenance programs. It is used to improve a competency by strengthening the neural connections associated with a success trait. Examples of success traits include creativity, passion, openness, risk taking, sociability, and networking.

The strength of the neural connections associated with a success trait directly effects the level of one or more competencies. A success trait needs to be increased if the competency level is not high enough to achieve a goal. For example, the creativity trait of a professional whose goal is to achieve success in research, needs to be higher than that of an administration worker whose goal is to be diligent.

All the user’s inputs and actions in the app are private to the individual unless they want to share some of the information with their mentor by sending a report. Any information that the mentor receives in the report is treated as confidential information and is not shared with anyone else.

The Dharma Success App is available for download on both the Apple App store and Google Play stores.

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