Dharma's Development Programs

Dharma’s Personal and Professional Development Programs aim to use the insights offered by our neuroscientific research to help you achieve your goals. How do we apply these insights?

Program Categories

Dharma’s personal and professional development programs are based on connecting goals to competencies, competencies to traits, and traits to neural connections. To achieve goals, one must have the competencies that are crucial to achieving them. To gain a competency, you must strengthen the traits that the competency depends on by strengthening your neural pathways. When certain neural pathways are not strong enough, our traits can lead to deficient competencies that hinder our abilities to achieve our goals.

Each Dharma program is structured for a specific goal and is associated with a list of the most important competencies for that goal.

Our current development programs fall under the following categories:

The pricing of Dharma’s development programs
The pricing of the programs depends on the modality of communication with the mentor. The pricing for the 8-week program is

Program Benefits

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