Dharma's Personality Development Program

Dharma's Personality Development Program

Dharma also provides the personality development program directly to individuals. However, we do not provide these programs for people who have mental health issues as they would be better served by licensed clinicians. We have mentors who are trained in the personality development program and who would take you through the program. For any individual who goes through the program directly with us we offer a money back guarantee that we would change their emotional health by at least 50%.

Dharma’s Personality Development Programs aim to use the insights offered by our neuroscientific research to help you improve your emotional health. The insights are applied as follows:

Program Categories

Dharma’s personality development program is based on connecting emotional health to personality traits, and personality traits to neural connections. To achieve emotional health, one must first identify the personality traits that are causing the emotional health issues, and then strengthen those personality traits by strengthening your neural pathways. When certain neural pathways are not strong enough, our personality traits can hinder our abilities to achieve emotional health. 

The personality development program offers the following domains to figure out areas causing their emotional health issues:

  • Wellness Domain
  • Leadership Domain
  • Entrepreneur Domain
  • Student Domain

The personality development program spans 8 weeks and entails a one-hour telephonic session each week and 15 minutes a day on one of the neuro-science apps.

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Program Benefits

The pricing of the programs depends on the modality of communication with the mentor. The pricing for the 8-week program is

  • Messaging mentoring (communication with the mentor is via email) $199.00
  • Telephone mentoring (communication with the mentor is via telephone and email) $799.00