To achieve a goal, there are a core set of competencies/qualities that require mastery. The core set of qualities are dependent upon your goals, your existing environment, background, and the society you live in. Dharma helps you achieve your goals by helping you master the necessary qualities while taking these important aspects into account.

Competencies have been well researched in the field of organizational development. Dharma has extended these concepts to professional and personal development. To standardize the selection, measurement, and improvement in competencies/qualities, each Dharma program is structured for a specific goal.

Based on our field research, we have found that most individuals are lacking in at least a couple of qualities. Consequently, these weaknesses can hinder a person’s ability to achieve their goals. To evolve our programs further, we also gather statistics on the distribution and improvement of the qualities for each program. Our current statistics show a minimum improvement of 30% in one critical quality.