Dharma Life Sciences LLC


Dharma Life Sciences started as an exploratory research project in April 2013 to discover scientific truths about life. We wanted to investigate the boundaries placed on an individual preventing them from achieving their emotional health goals. The aim was to improve our understanding of our lives based on scientific exploration.

The scientific areas that we wanted to start our research included genes, environment, mind and luck. One area of exploration automatically led us to the next and some of the areas we researched are listed below in a chronological order.

During the exploration, it became quite apparent that emotional health was a problem that would need a tangible solution. As we continued with the research it dawned on us that it was doable and that we were going in a direction that no one else was pursuing. So, we made a decision to extend our mission, to actually developing a product to help people achieve their emotional health goals. In August 2015, the company was formally incorporated as a Delaware entity and a fully owned subsidiary of our parent organization Dharma Systems Inc. Further in December 2016 we incorporated a fully owned Indian subsidiary Dharma Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.


Dharma’s culture has evolved and adapted due to its mission of finding solutions for problems that have been traditionally categorized as unsolvable. Our culture is based on curiosity, openness, creativity, persistence and not being constrained by existing dogmas. We explore different scientific fields, accept different viewpoints, and unearth the secrets that can help us move forward. 

We are passionate about our work and strongly believe that it can make the world a better place by helping every individual become successful and happy. To do that, we are eager to try the results of our findings on ourselves to improve the efficacy of our work. We are persistent in others trying our program, so they can become our brand ambassadors and spread the message of possibilities. We are open to obtaining feedback about our work so we can improve our concepts and our products. We accept that existing dogmas are strong and work creatively to find opportunities to create new markets and become the potential for change.

We continue to expand our teams with passionate people in an ever-increasing number of fields. Our environment provides the independence, creative challenges and a mission that gives purpose to our team members.  Our success is based on our teams and their hard work.


Our persistence and hard work have paid off in developing the science and technology that can help people achieve their emotional health goals. Compared to what is known and available today, the simplicity and efficacy of our programs is refreshing. We don’t characterize the failure of individuals to achieve their emotional health as a lack of motivation. We believe that when provided with the right tools, individuals will find it easier to achieve their emotional health goals.  

In the early stages of our market penetration, we hope that individuals who are passionate about their emotional health and open to accepting new ideas will accept our solutions to further improve themselves.   


Employees of these companies have graduated from our program.
Ashok Leyland Aspect Greenpeace PublicIS Wenger & Watson Tata Schneider CGI Signion Wipro Adobe