• Overcome Your
    Emotional Health StrugglesSeek our help- It's not okay if you haven't
    been feeling alright.

  • Witness A 50%
    Improvement In Your Emotional HealthBy the end of 8 weeks,
    we assure at least a 50% improvement in your emotional state.

  • An Unbalanced Trait Is At
    The Root Of Your Emotional StrugglesDiscover your unbalanced trait and start your journey with us.

Witness a 50% improvement in your EMOTIONAL HEALTH

The 8-week emotional health program guarantees a drastic change in the way you feel and how you handle your emotional triggers in life. The entire process has been structured based on neuroscience and mental health through extensive research.

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We have in-house mentors who are trained and certified. A mentor will take you through every step of the program. By the end of 8 weeks, we assure at least a 50% improvement in your emotional state, no matter since how long you have been struggling to feel alright. The best part is that you can pay after witnessing the guaranteed improvement. Read more about our pay later policy.

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An Unbalanced Trait Is At The Root Of Your Emotional Struggles

Any persisting emotional issue can be traced back to a personality trait that is unbalanced. This one single trait can affect several areas of your life.

If you closely examine all your emotional struggles, you will be able to observe at least one common link between them. This common link points towards the source- a root cause for most of your issues. The root cause is an underlying unbalanced personality trait.

There are certain problems that occur repeatedly in multiple aspects of your life – This pattern is related to you as a person. It is not because of you but is related to the underlying personality trait you most certainly have.

  • Take for example, self-confidence. One might think that having a low level of confidence is the only problem. However, being overconfident also leads to emotional distress. An overly confident person might overestimate his abilities and put in lesser efforts into a task, resulting in unexpected failures.

  • On the other hand, a person with very low self-confidence tends to underestimate his/her abilities. They hesitate to make a move or take part in events, losing several opportunities in life.

  • The goal should be to achieve & maintain a healthy level of confidence. How do you know if you have the right amount of confidence? Or any other trait for that matter?

  • Every individual will have a unique combination of unbalanced traits. Our program will help you figure out your unbalanced trait and balance it. Our mentors are trained to help you get to the source of your issues through the 8-Week Emotional Health Program.

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Backed by Science

The 8-week emotional health program has been structured based on principles of neuroscience.

Exposure to certain life experiences and habitual thinking patterns condition you to have unbalanced personality traits. The silver lining is that your brain has an incredible ability to adapt and change. This ability is called neuroplasticity, making way for balancing traits that have been a part of you since as early as childhood. No matter how long you have been struggling because of the unbalanced trait, the program will help you change it.