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Achieving Goals through Personality Development

You have personal and professional goals that you want to achieve, but your personality may either help or hinder your ability to achieve your goals. The solution to fulfilling your goals is to develop your personality.

Your past experiences influence your personality by shaping your neural connections to deal with the experiences you are having. However, past experiences cannot be all-encompassing, giving rise to weak neural connections and undeveloped personality traits. The solution is to develop those underdeveloped personality traits by taking advantage of brain plasticity. Dharma’s expertise is to develop your personality traits using neuroscience.

Dharma’s process in helping you achieve your goals is:

Dharma offers programs that address your personal and professional goals.

Why our program?

Dharma provides a money back guarantee that there will be a minimum of 25% improvement in a competency/quality that is critical to achieving your goal. You choose both the quality and the determination of the improvements made by the Dharma program, not us. Dharma’s research results have been peer-reviewed and published.

Hours Weeks Efforts

How Long Is The Program

How long is the program?

Dharma's programs require less than 20 hours of effort spread across 8 weeks. The programs are flexible, as they are based on using a mobile app whenever you are free, and a limited number of telephone mentoring sessions.

What is the next step?

If you want to learn more or try our programs, please click the button below to fill out a form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.