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Increasing Emotional Health with Personality Development

Personality Development through Neuroscience

As a mental health professional, a majority of your clients need to improve their emotional health to have successful and happy lives. But their emotional health is typically hindered by their maladaptive personality traits. The solution to their needs is to develop their personality traits that are hindering their emotional health.

Past experiences influence their personality by shaping their neural connections which dictate how they deal with new experiences they are having. However, past experiences cannot be all-encompassing, giving rise to weak neural connections and maladaptive personality traits. Maladaptive traits can be perfectionism, obsessiveness, nervousness and sensitivity. Any of these traits when maladaptive can cause stress and emotional health issues. The solution is to develop those personality traits by taking advantage of brain plasticity. Dharma’s expertise is to provide neuroscience-based software tools to help develop their personality traits.

Dharma’s process in helping you increase your client’s emotional health is:

Dharma offers mobile apps that address the fulfillment of your client’s emotional health goals. .

Why our program?

The benefits of our neuro-science based program are:

  • Increase the efficacy of your interventions in improving emotional health. You will see at least a 50% improvement in the emotional health of your clients.
  • Clients can improve their emotional health by playing on the apps between sessions.
  • Decrease potential burnout in treating clients due to the positive feedback from clients.
  • Increased visibility and new clients through our marketing efforts.

How Long Is The Program

How long is the program?

Dharma's personality development program requires less than 20 hours of effort spread across 8 weeks. The programs are flexible, as they are based on using a mobile app whenever the client is free, and 8 counseling sessions by phone or in person..

What is the next step?

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