Trait Development: Research and Application

When thinking about the major factors contributing to organizational growth, it is crucial to consider both trait and skill development of the employees.  However, most of the research in the field of organizational development continues to focus on skills only. Consequently, due to the limited amount of research on trait modification, the number of


The Undiscovered Skill Set

According to a 2015 study, 62% of managers believe they aren't meeting the learning needs of employees. In addition, $13.5m is lost per year, per 1,000 employees, due to ineffective training. Read this whitepaper to learn about the undiscovered skill-set these programs are lacking, prohibiting organizations from reaching their true potential.


Group vs. Individual Training

Learning and Development focuses on continually improving the performance of individuals and groups within an organization. This process encompasses both group training and individual training.  Read this whitepaper to learn how to maximize your training ROI through a blended, integrated approach to employee training.


The Four Reasons Why Leadership Training Doesn't Work

A recent study finds that companies are highly interested in developing new leaders, but their investment in training isn’t paying off.


Why Leadership Training is Failing

About $12 billion is annually spent on leadership programs, specifically on top leaders of the organization.  However, only 20% of the skills or knowledge taught in leadership training programs is transferred into new leadership habits. Why?