Emotional Health Tools

Our emotional health program is conducted through Dharma Life Sciences’ patent pending technology.

The Discover Personality app has been designed for the purpose of discovering the client’s maladaptive or unbalanced personality traits. The Enhance Personality app has been designed to help the client in balancing these traits. The activities and games contained in the app aid in strengthening the associated neural connections.

The unbalanced personality traits are identified by determining the effects of decreased emotional health, analyzing how you react to situations and asking questions to determine the strength of your personality traits. The technology of Enhance Personality app takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity. Repetitive actions that strengthen neural connections are listed below:

  • Brain Actions: Trait specific games designed to strengthen certain specific neural connections.
  • Mind Actions: Works on the existing thought patterns and old habits that lead to imbalance.
  • Real World Actions: New memories and associations are created through these actions. Applying learnings in the program to real life creates new thought patterns.

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