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A Study On Emotional Intelligence With Michigan Tech

When most people think about a person’s ability to achieve success, they automatically think of their hard and soft skills, but when they do this, they aren’t getting the full picture. Emotional Intelligence is crucial to a person’s ability to achieve personal and professional success, which is why it is paramount that we research new ways to increase people’s Emotional Intelligence.

Dharma and Michigan Technology University conducted a program to increase the Emotional Intelligence of 26 undergraduate students enrolled in a leadership course. The program was used to develop the critical foundation trait of each student and thereby improve the EI of each student.

The EI of each student was assessed before and after the use of our program (using the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory). The weakest competencies specific to each individual had an average improvement between 20% and 30%, depending on the number of competencies chosen. You can find the results of this research in Frontiers in Psychology.

See the Michigan Tech paper

Click here: Improving Emotional Intelligence through Personality Development

A Study On Reducing Anxiety With Case Western Reserve University

Our program isn't just based on theory; it's backed by solid evidence. In this study, participants who engaged in the Dharma Life Program experienced remarkable improvements in their anxiety levels:

  • Our program participants saw an impressive 63% reduction in anxiety levels, compared to just an 11% reduction in the control group.

These figures underscore the effectiveness of our approach in helping individuals like you manage and reduce anxiety. Don't just take our word for it; the numbers speak for themselves. Take the first step towards a calmer, more balanced life today.

See the Case Western Reserve Univesity paper

Click here: Reducing Anxiety Levels Through the Dharma Life App-Based and Mentor-Based Program Targeting Personality Characteristics: A Randomized Control Trial

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