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We partner with independently practising counselors who wish to provide our emotional health program to their clients. Dharma Life Sciences shall provide rigorous training and certification to the partnering counselor in conducting the program and using our mobile apps.

Benefits Of Partnering With Us

  • Increasing the efficacy of interventions used in your practice.
  • Decreasing potential burnout from treating clients.
  • Generating new clients for your practice through our marketing efforts.
  • Training, support and certification in using the neuroscience software tools.
  • Integrating neuroscience-based software tools into your practice with the least amount of disruption and effort.

How We Help Integrate Tools Into Your Practice

  • Training through experience
    After trying out the program and applying the neuroscience concept and software tools on yourself, you realize the advantages and efficacy of using it in your practice. You will have the passion to use the personality development program with your clients and can vouch that it will work for them if they put effort into the app.
  • Decrease Potential Burnout
    You will personally experience the emotional health benefits of these tools by participating in the program, which will allow you to manage your practice with less stress and more enjoyment. In addition, it limits potential burnout in the future as it reduces the personal problems you hear from clients. They will have something active to work on and you will get to hear their positive feedback on changes in their behaviors.
  • Minimum disruption to your practice
    This training process does not cause any disruption to your practice as the training is conducted by telephone and the use of a mobile software app. You have the flexibility of scheduling the training when you are free. Your investment will be less than 30 hours in training over the course of 12 weeks. The software tools have been developed to be user friendly to both clinicians and their clients.
  • Applying it to your practice
    You can continue to practice with your existing methodologies without any changes until the client achieves a desired level of stability (For clients who have undergone a painful or disruptive event in life). Once this is achieved, you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether the neuroscience tools will help the client further. If the answer is affirmative, you can begin to apply the neuroscience tools to help the client reach a higher level of emotional health. This process gives you control of when and where you use the software tools for the betterment of your client.

Software Tools Provided To Counselors

  • Discover Personality: Personality trait assessment- diagnose the root cause of their emotional distress from 40+ traits.
  • Enhance Personality: Every person is conditioned to think and behave in certain ways. The app contains activities and games to rewire neural pathways to form new beneficial habits and break old toxic patterns that hold them back because of their unbalanced personality trait.
  • Report Analyzer: A tool that allows you to view your clients’ activities and measure their progress.

How It Works

Together with the client, you discover their unbalanced personality trait on the Discover Personality app.

Over the course of 8 weeks, the client is assigned new activities on the Enhance Personality app to balance their personality trait and help them overcome their emotional struggles.

  • brain actions

    Brain Actions
    for rewiring

    Games and activities that are designed to rewire the neural pathways through repetition.

  • thinking patterns

    Mind Actions for
    thinking patterns

    Journal entries to make notes, jot down their triggers and apply new thought patterns.

  • behavioral change

    Real World Actions
    for behavioral change

    Goals for the client to plan, work on, record and review. Reminders can be set for these and there will be timely prompts given to the client.

Example Of Our 8 - Week Program

paul Roger is your new client and he wants to work on his self esteem. He often holds back from sharing ideas and opinions with others and it's affecting his work and social life.

  • Discover Personality

    First, Roger completes a personality assessment on Discover Personality App to determine his primary unbalanced trait.

  • Enhance Personality

    Once you've discussed the results with Roger, you provide him with the Enhance Personality App with - specific activities for Confidence (Low). To balance this trait, these activities will enable Roger to focus on his positives and others' positive opinions of him. For 8 weeks, he will be instructed to spend 15 minutes/day on the app to rewire his neural pathways.

  • Report Analyzer

    Using a report analyzer tool, you are able to interpret the results of the test. Roger's primary trait is Confidence (Low). This means he is biased to focus on his negatives, and others' negative opinions of him.

  • Brain Actions

    Roger's brain actions will enable him to focus on the his positives/ others positive opinion of him. By practicing repetitions for at least 15 minutes/day, his neural pathways will be rewired.

  • Mind Actions

    Roger's Mind Actions will allow him to note down day to day triggers that make him less confident. He can also apply the new pattern of thinking to any triggers in this seciton.

  • Real World Actions

    The final 3 weeks of the program involve planning, recording, and reflecting on behaviour-changing goals. He will be encouraged to keep making new goals every week to solidify the change.

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