About Us

Progress is impossible without change ~ George Bernard Shaw ~

Dharma Life Sciences was founded with a team of intellectually curious scientists in April 2013, to examine the real reasons for people’s unhappy lives. An organization that initially began as an exploratory research project, has grown into a product and service that has the power to change the state of people’s emotional health.

Researchers from the field of mental health, genetics and neuroscience brought to the table, their knowledge about nature and nurture- the two broad factors that decide a human being’s behavior and mind. After establishing the vision of creating a method to improve people’s emotional health, they set out to investigate the boundaries that limit individuals from enjoying a good emotional state in life.

These are the areas of research that laid the foundation for the present-day mental health solutions by Dharma Life Sciences.

  • Physiology: The effects of genes and the epigenome on hormones and the resulting behaviors and physiological changes.
  • Psychology: The classification and semantics of traits, their causes and resulting behaviors in addition to therapies used for resolving traits.
  • Neuroscience: The models on how the brain functions, how neurons operate and the functional areas of the brain.
  • Learning Theory: Models on how we learn through observations, repetitions, associations and conscious thoughts.
  • Gaming: The rationale and design of existing digital games to change behaviors and their efficacy.
  • Organizational Psychology: The role of competencies, personality scales and coaching on development.
our mission

Our Mission

Moving boundaries placed on a person by their genes, environment, mind and luck to help them achieve their goals.

As human beings, we are born with amazing abilities and attributes but also develop some undesirable attributes and qualities. The primary drivers that result in these attributes, both positive and negative, are genes, environment, mind and luck.

Until now, we were typically constrained by the limitations ie. boundaries placed on us by these attributes.

But what if we can move the boundaries created by our genes, environment, mind and luck? We can be super human, right? No, we cannot. But we can at least have a productive, successful, and happy life.

Though we have an in-depth knowledge of the human body, our understanding of the human brain is still at its infancy. To help move the boundaries, it is critical that we need a more complete model of how the brain works.

This is the core of our mission. We aim to alter the effects of our genes, environment and mind to help us reach our goals.

Our Approach

  • Science For Improving Emotional Health

    We approach mental health with science. Principles of neuroscience have been implemented to solve the puzzle of how every individual is wired to be a certain way. Every person has one or more personality traits. The concept of personality traits has been around since the 20th century. We have figured out the method of using the brain’s functioning (or wiring) related to specific personality traits for improving people’s mental health.

  • Unbalanced Personality Trait

    An unbalanced personality trait is the source of emotional struggles. For example, a person with very low self-confidence will face several emotional issues and a person with overconfidence will also have their own struggles. The only solution to reduce one’s emotional problems is to bring their unbalanced trait to a balanced state. Every individual has one or more unbalanced traits- causing a web of complex issues.

    Becoming aware of one’s own unbalanced personality trait and learning about it is very important. We believe that It is only the awareness of your own issues that can help resolve and save you from the consequences it creates in your life.

  • Neuroplasticity

    The human brain has an incredible ability to learn and change. This is present in high capacity is in every one of us, regardless of our age. This amazing ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization is called neuroplasticity. Our approach of rewiring is based on the concept of neuroplasticity.

    Through research, it has been established that the brain can adapt to new ways of thinking and forming perspectives. This rewiring will lead to balancing the personality trait.